And then there were….43?


Honestly?  I know this much   ___________   about politics.

Honestly? I don’t think it matters.

It’s painful to admit that I know very little about the upcoming presidential race. A friend asked me what I thought of the candidates and instead of admitting that I really only knew that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were running, I blurted something about how there were too many people in the race for me to chose right now, blah blah blah.

So what? What if I had admitted that I just haven’t paid attention?  What if I had admitted that each year when I vote in a presidential election, they have the guy picked before the polls on the West Coast have even closed.

I spun the situation a bit. So what if I were in the political know. What if I asked a friend who she liked in the race thus far.

Honestly? I’d be more impressed with her answer to me than the one I gave my friend. Because an honest woman would have said, “Are you joking? I get my news from Facebook. I have no idea what is fact or fiction anymore!”

That same night, my son sat down to watch the debate between the Republican candidates and I did actually feel like there were just too many bodies up there to distinguish or decide between. I wasn’t the only one. (“Mom, I can’t tell the difference between the two brown-haired guys in suits.”)

So my answer was accidentally honest and it spurred me to begin to pay a bit more attention to the presidential debates and races even though my vote counts as much as if I lived in a foreign country.

I’ll take whatever honestly I can get.


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